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No on site services on December 9th. Watch LIVE at 11am.

Change the Culture

It is obvious that we live in an extremely toxic and broken world. Though there are episodes of light expressed in our world at times, the truth is people are hurting all around us. Whether its broken relationships, abuse, depression, addiction or whatever the case may be, the reality is people need change. At Crossroads we firmly believe God has uniquely planted us right where we need to be “for such a time as this” to bless a people God intends to change. If your life feels broken and out of sorts or if God has already changed you and you feel you are now ready to help bring change in the lives of others, get on board with us and let’s be a part of doing something that will make an eternal difference. People do not need more temporary solutions they need eternal ones. Crossroads exists to “lead people to life in Jesus, together, and to bring about an eternal change in the lives of everyone around us.

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THE MARK. This series will round out the study of the book of Romans by spending some time discussing what it really means to be a Christian. What are the true “marks” of a Christian and Christianity? Why is it important especially in our day to be distinguished from the rest of the world?

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Thursday, December 6th & Friday, December 7th!



Sunday, December 23rd 10am - 11am @ Crossroads

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