Bible Study Resources

Read the Bible in a Year

Here is a plan that you can use to read the Bible in a year. In this plan, you read according to this pattern for six days a week, with Sundays as a day off to catch up or read a passage of your choice.

Read the New Testament in Six Months

Did you know that just by reading two chapters a day, five days a week, you could read the whole New Testament in six months? This plan is designed for reading two chapters every weekday, with Saturday and Sunday off to catch up on any reading you might have missed or to read something of your choice.

YouVersion (Bible App for your Smartphone)

YouVersion is an awesome free resource that is invaluable for the church today. It is an online Bible available in several different versions, with a ton of Bible reading plans. To make it even better, YouVersion will track your progress on your reading plan, remind you of what you are to read that day, and is available on both computers and mobile devices. It will even read to you on your Iphone or Android.