Vietnam 2018


This week has been an eye opening testimony of God getting his work done here in Vietnam. My heart has been touched and I can hardly wait to see what God uses Crossroads church to do here in the future. We made some huge contacts this week and are making plans for some upcoming opportunities that are going to bless both us and the Vietnamese/Hmong people.

I thought I’d share the picture above to tell a few real life stories.

The girl on the right came to Christ here at this church after being exposed to Christianity while studying in Korea. Korea has the largest baptist church in the world. She will soon be working as a Korean/Vietnamese translator.

The girl in the center came to Christ through CRU. “Campus Crusade for Christ”, and their work on the university campus. She has a few years of school left but is a committed follower of Jesus.

The girl on the end became a believer and shared her new faith with her dad and brother and they beat her mercilessly (in the face) then detained her. When she could have escaped but would not leave until they realized she was going to live out her faith in Jesus no matter what and they let her go. She returned to Hanoi, got a marketing job with Amazon , plays guitar and sings for the church worship team and is passionate about Jesus.

The stories are too numerous to tell them all because every believer has their own remarkable experience of coming to Christ.

There are 100 million people in Vietnam and most claim some sort of Buddhist faith. But the truth is they are hungry, searching, and In need of truth. I believe the Lord will use us our church in the future to be part of their solution.

Love you guys and can’t wait to get home and see you this Sunday,

Pastor Scott Betts