Dinner With Friends

We see people every Sunday. We sit next to new people every week. We might even shake their hand and then forget their name 2 minutes later. Sometimes it is really hard to get to know anyone


You're invited to join a small group of people for an evening of food and conversation.

No strings attached - it's a one-time commitment. It's all about getting to know other people better. And if you meet other people you really enjoy spending time with, you can plan another dinner together!

The dinner host will determine when and where to meet-homes, restaurants, a park, etc. The host may choose to cook, order in, eat out, or have a potluck. The whole purpose is to get to know others in our church body and share life. Come join in for a wonderful time!

If your ready to be contacted for a dinner or if you have any questions, fill out the form below!


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