My Christmas Offering

December 2, 2018 9:00am - 12:30pm  |  Crossroads Church

301 South Walton Drive, Benson, NC, USA

Each Sunday we gather with an emphasis of worship through song and to hear from His Word but THIS Sunday we gather with the emphasis of worship through Giving.

On Sunday, December 2nd during both services, we’re having a special time to praise God for what He’s done in our families and for each one of us to give our Christmas Offering. Begin praying now for God to reveal you what He would have you to give to expand His kingdom.

We do a good job of managing our current resources and emphasizing frugality and stewardship with what we are currently working with. Thanks to generous believers who give weekly and sometimes specially so we are able to maintain our current expenses. Most people don’t see this but if you go HERE you can see our current budget on our website! We believe in transparency and we are an open book.  However, there is much work to do and we have barely scratched the surface. GOD HAS TREMENDOUSLY BLESSED THE MINISTRY OF CROSSROADS! If you believe that, say AMEN! It is so evident but there is SO much more to do and we believe God is calling YOU and US to be a part of it.

This Sunday after the message, we will stroll forward as families and individuals to deposit our gifts to the King. He truly is the King of our hearts and deserves all and so much more than we could ever do!


| BE A 10-10-80 people |

What’s that mean? That means SAVE 10%, GIVE 10%, and LIVE ON 80% and we can promise, promise, promise you will be SO GLAD YOU DID. God loves a cheerful giver and has commanded that we will always reap according to what we sow. You open the door for God to bless you tremendously while at the same time HE is blessing others through you. Then, go even beyond that. When we have special times of giving, like the upcoming December 2nd Christmas Offering, let that be a very special time for you and your family to reflect on what God is doing in your lives. Give something that stretches your faith and adds value to your appreciation and trust for what He has done and will do in the future for you. The Lord LOVES IT when we trust Him and I can tell you from my own experience from the time I fell in love with Jesus to now, HE WILL BLESS YOUR LIVES IN WAYS YOU WOULD NEVER EXPERIENCE ANY OTHER WAY. He not only blesses financially but He blesses our lives as a whole. There is nothing that compares.
We challenge you today to unite with our mission of “leading people to life in Jesus, together.” If you believe in what we are doing don’t hold back to give all of yourself to His service and let’s discover together all that He will do.

Give Now